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Watch a polar bear attack a colony of walruses. Who will win?

Watch our recent adventure to Cyrene reefs

Watch a leopard seal let a baby penguin live!

Watch how we are saving the irrawaddy dolphin

Watch narwhals stunning fish with their tusk!

These guys kayaked down the Citarum river in a boat made from plastic bottles

Watch this wildlife war happen in real life!

Watch a crocodile and shark fight in real life!

Croc vs. shark

A crocodile and shark go head-to-head in a Northern Australia river. Who will come out victorious? Find out in this month’s Wildlife Wars!

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Dirtiest river on earth

The Citarum river in Indonesia is so polluted that it is rotting rice fields and making people’s skinitch! What is being done to clean it up? Find out in this month’s Travel page.

Discover the Ganges

Water workbook

How much water do you use each day for your food, drinks and clothes? Calculate your own water footprint and learn how to preserve water.

Stranded on a desert island!

Wow, I didn’t know that!

Are tuna more closely related to sharks or humans? Find the shocking answer to this and many more crazy facts in this month's issue.

Learn from Singapore's best!

Learn from Singapore's best!

David is Singapore’s freshwater crab expert. Find out what he has to say in this month’s Expert Interview!

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