Weird sharks

A shark that looks like a carpet and another that walks on land!? These weird sharks will smash all your preconceptions about the ocean's 'most ferocious' predator.

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Monsters of the ocean?

Are sharks mindless killing machines? Bust this myth and meet other creatures - and objects - that are deadlier than sharks!

Making a splash: Humpback whale

Prehistoric predators

Meet the prehistoric shark that was bigger than a bus! Why did these dinosaur sharks die out? Find out how past extinctions are different than today's.

electric endgame

Speedy shark

The fastest shark in the ocean gives the cheetah a run for its money! Get ready to meet the shark you have probably never heard of.

Travel to the Philippines.png

Plus meet a scientist who is tagging wild sharks in Singapore!

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