Asset 2Get ready to explore some of the greatest rivers on our planet!

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Watch a dedicated mummy manatee protecting her baby, a man swimming with an anaconda, and many more!

These researchers are taking photos of the dolphins to identify individuals! Watch them in action

Video 1

The dolphins share their home with this MONSTER stingray! It weighs more than 400kg. Watch it in action!

Video 2

Watch this dedicated mummy manatee protect her baby!

Video 3

Would you swim with an anaconda? This man did!

Video 4

Real life war! This anaconda constricted a caiman while having its head bitten!

Video 5

Watch a hippo fling his poo

Video 6

Are MONSTER sharks still alive?

Battle in the Amazon!

A 9 metre long anaconda lies in wait for its next meal...until a caiman swims by. In a split second, a WAR breaks out! The anaconda lunges forward and attacks the caiman - but the caiman has quick reflexes and bites back. Which animal will come out victorious? Find out in this months Wildlife Wars!

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

According to the legends, the Loch Ness monster is a huge dinosaur-like creature. Numerous ‘official’ sightings of the monster were reported last year! Is this monster making a comeback? Uncover the truth in this month’s Mythbusters.

Discover the Ganges

Discover the Ganges

Up in the Himalayas, where the Ganges river starts, its water is crystal clear. So why is this river known as one of the most polluted rivers in the world? Join the Panda Pals as they travel down the Ganges river to find out - and meet some of its amazing wildlife.

Stranded on a desert island!

Stranded on a desert island!

Could YOU survive on a desert island? To stay alive you need to stay hydrated, but saltwater is bad for you! Find out how to make saltwater drinkable in with this months Try This At Home!

Learn from Singapore’s best!>

Learn from Singapore’s best

Learn about Singapore’s very own creatures from International Year of the Reef!

Why are birds getting STUCK in glue? ACRES tells the tale!

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