Asset 2Let’s get to know the TRUE Kings of the Jungle!

Featured VIDEOS in the magazine!

Watch baby tigers, a tiger and leopard fight, and more!

Watch Singye’s life as a tiger protector!

Video 1

Tigers are losing their homes. This tiger and bulldozer were filmed in the same area!

Video 2

These baby tigers in Indonesia got up close with a hidden camera!

Video 3

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Video 4


A leopard stumbles upon a resting tiger, and a cat fight breaks out! Which predator will win this fight? Find out in 'Wildlife Wars'!

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

These kids live NEXT to tigers!

According to the legends, the Loch Ness monster is a huge dinosaur-like creature. Numerous ‘official’ sightings of the monster were reported last year! Is this monster making a comeback? Uncover the truth in this month’s Mythbusters.

Discover the Ganges

Be a tiger detective!

Learn how to identify tigers from their stripes and track tiger footprints! These are two skills used to monitor and save tigers.

Stranded on a desert island!

Can tigers heal you?

Tigers are killed for their body parts which are believed to cure human illnesses. Is there any truth to this? Find out in this months ‘Mythbusters’!

Learn from Singapore’s best!

Learn from the Bhutan’s best!

“We need support from all people to protect tigers - from local communities to the policy makers. Human beings are the answer to saving tigers. You and I are the answer.”

Singye Wangamo encountered armed poachers and thought she was going to die. She lived and continues her fight to save tigers. Get to know her in 'Expert Interview'!

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