Featured VIDEOS in the magazine!

Watch a baby sloth being rescued, ducklings getting blown away by the wind, and more!

Watch Singye’s life as a tiger protector!

A mother panda hurries her baby along

Tigers are losing their homes. This tiger and bulldozer were filmed in the same area!

Listen to a baby tapir squeak!

These baby tigers in Indonesia got up close with a hidden camera!

A newborn baby sloth is rescued

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

These baby ducks get blown away by the wind

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Cheeky baby giraffe sticks out its tongue

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

See these crazy chameleons in action!

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Polar bears slide down a snowy slope!

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Baby polar bears disturb their mother:

Top 5 fluffiest!

We scoured the globe to find five of the cutest and fluffiest animals! Who are they? Here’s a sneak peek: one has an afro and one waddles!

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Baby elephant orphanage

Travel to Africa to meet baby orphaned elephants. After losing their mothers, they are being prepared for life in the wild again. Their carers share how much milk they drink and how some of them snore when they sleep!

*Special thanks to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Discover the Ganges

Polar bear playfight!

Two baby polar bear brothers get into a fight. They hit each other, wrestle, and eventually slip down an icy hill. Who comes out victorious? Add up the scores to find out!

Stranded on a desert island!

Adventure log book!

Get out into Singapore’s wilderness! Head to the Botanic Gardens and complete our checklist – did you find everything? Record what you observed and sketch your favourite scene!

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