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Featured VIDEOS in this magazine!

Watch a polar bear attack a colony of walruses. Who will win?

Black rhinos also live in Africa. We gave them a lift - in a helicopter. Why? Watch this video to find out.

Watch a leopard seal let a baby penguin live!

This mum and baby panda were caught on a hidden camera!

Watch narwhals stunning fish with their tusk!

Watch Przewalski horses being released back into the wild.

Watch this wildlife war happen in real life!

Check out footage of baby hornbills inside artificial nest boxes!

Watch this wildlife war happen in real life!

These baby tigers find and sniff our hidden camera:

Watch this wildlife war happen in real life!

Watch an Indus river dolphin get rescued from a fishing net.

Watch this wildlife war happen in real life!

Watch humpback whales using bubbles to hunt!

Survival story: White rhino

From just 100 white rhinos there are now more than 19,000 in the wild! How could they face extinction and come back from it? Learn about one of the most remarkable conservation stories in this issue.

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Back from the dead: Arabian oryx & Przewalski’s horse

The Arabian oryx and Przewalski’s horse were extinct in the wild. Everyone’s hopes were pinned on the remaining captive animals to kick-start a new population. Have we managed to bring these animals back from the dead? Get ready to be wowed!

Making a splash: Humpback whale

Making a splash: Humpback whale

The humpback whale was nearly hunted to extinction but there are now 85,000 humpback whales swimming in our ocean. How is this possible? Find out what it took to revive one of the largest animals on our planet.

Top 5 rarest animals

Top 5 rarest animals

There are just 4 Vietnam softshell turtles, 20 Hainan gibbons, and 90 Amur leopards left in the wild. Meet 5 animals which need the same luck and love all the ‘comeback creatures’ in this issue have had!

Learn from Singapore's best!

Plus hear about the Singapore hornbill’s remarkable survival story!

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