Issue 21


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Featured VIDEOS in this magazine!

Watch a baby dugong being nursed back to health

Watch dancing spiders

Watch these caves glowing

Too cute! Watch an orphaned wombat get ready for life in the wild

Watch the masters of disguise

How do sugar gliders fly?

Watch centipedes eat bats and cockroaches in a cave. Warning: not for the easily scared

Watch millions of baby crabs crossing a road

Australia’s cutest

Meet 10 of Australia’s cutest animals! These unique animals are found nowhere else on Earth.

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Australia’s deadliest

Are Australia’s animals as deadly as people say? From crocodiles, sharks and spiders, it is time to uncover the truth.

Making a splash: Humpback whale

Make your own boomerang

Get crafty and make your own boomerang. In Australia, boomerangs were used as hunting tools.

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Aboriginal Australians

Meet the first people that lived in Australia. They have a special connection to nature and dingos!

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Plus get to know Singapore’s wildlife in Discovering Our Wild City!

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