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Watch an expedition to find a mystery creature, a tiger with her cubs, and more!

These researchers are taking photos of the dolphins to identify individuals! Watch them in action

Video 1

The dolphins share their home with this MONSTER stingray! It weighs more than 400kg. Watch it in action!

Video 2

Watch this dedicated mummy manatee protect her baby!

Video 3

Would you swim with an anaconda? This man did!

Video 4

Real life war! This anaconda constricted a caiman while having its head bitten!

Video 5

Watch a hippo fling his poo

Video 6

Watch a hippo fling his poo

Video 7

Tigers and elephants in Singapore?

Tigers and elephants in Singapore?

Was Singapore home to iconic wildlife like tigers, rhinos and elephants? The answer may surprise you. As recently as 2016, one big animal was seen in the wild here! Find out which one in this issue!

Rhinos take flight!

Rhinos take flight!

How do you carry a 1,300kg rhino? With a helicopter! 19 rhinos went for the ride of their lives – but why? Find out in ‘Science and Technology’!

Giant spiders under the sea?

Giant spiders under the sea?

Not quite – but the Japanese spider crab sure looks like one. They grow to the size of a car! Meet them and other crazy creatures in this months ‘Weird and Wonderful’!

Design your own nature trail!

Design your own nature trail!

You can create your OWN nature trail in your neighbourhood, local park or garden! Draw a map, add a treasure hunt, and challenge your family and friends to conquer it.

Learn from Singapore’s best!

Learn from Singapore’s best

A whale washes up on Singapore’s shores! What happens next? International Year of the Reef reveals all.

What happens when a monitor lizard gets hooked by a fishing line? ACRES tells the tale!

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