Issue 10


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Featured VIDEOS in the magazine!

Watch Singye’s life as a tiger protector!

Watch Yi So-yeon share more about her journey, including the craziest thing she did in zero-gravity!

Tigers are losing their homes. This tiger and bulldozer were filmed in the same area!

40 years ago scientists sent a message to Aliens. Watch what they said

These baby tigers in Indonesia got up close with a hidden camera!

NASA just launched a mission to get closer to the sun than ever before. Watch the take-off here!

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Learn more about our solar system

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Watch this documentary to see just how smart octopuses are

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

Watch Chris Hadfield in action!

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

How do you eat and drink in space? Watch this full tour of the ISS to learn more!

A tiger and leopard fight in real life!

A hidden nest camera filmed this eagle defeating an invading owl

Travel to Mars

In six years time, 24 humans will go to Mars to build a settlement and never return. Terrifying? Yes. Possible? Maybe. Learn about this ground-breaking expedition and what it will take for humans to survive on this hostile planet.

Is the Loch Ness monster real?

Animals that look like aliens

These creatures are otherworldly: one looks like a walking UFO, one has nine brains, one has an illuminescent spine, and the other survived a trip to space and back! Are these creatures really from planet Earth?

Discover the Ganges

Life in Space!

Floating poops and space cycling are the norm for astronauts! Find out what life is like in the zero-gravity International Space Station - which astronauts call home. You will also meet Korea’s first astronaut, Yi So-yeon.

Stranded on a desert island!

Planet detective

Get to know the other planets in our solar system - from freezing cold Neptune to burning hot Venus. Could one of these planets be our home if Earth is ruined? Put your investigatory skills to the test to find out.

Learn from Singapore’s best!

Learn from Singapore’s best!

A wild pangolin comes face to face with a pet dog! What happens next? Find out from ACRES in this months Case Files!

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